About me


My name is Emmy Smith, I live in Jersey. I am a philologist by first education, a cook by calling and second education. Since 2016, I have been a Kenwood brand ambassadorship in Canada. Cooking for me is not just a daily routine. For me, it is a kind of art, a creative process, fascinating so much that I always want to try something new and share my experience with you, my readers. I’m constantly experimenting, trying out interesting new recipes and unusual combinations of ingredients, learning new ways to process products and improving my knowledge in the culinary field. Cooking is the biggest passion in my life. And its incarnation is the Tasty Blog.

Sources of inspiration

I’m often asked where the recipes for Tasty Blog come from. Some recipes are born on the move as improvisation. I pick up something from my mom, grandma, and aunt. I take some dishes from cookbooks and magazines, I adapt something to our reality from Western books and websites. In addition, I buy professional literature for cooks, which among other things contains recipes for restaurant dishes, various pastries, and desserts. My favorite deskbook at the moment is the translated “The Professional Chef’s Handbook” from the BBPG publishing house.