How To Choose Paver Sealer?

Over time, the appearance of the paths in the cottage may become tiresome and then instead of completely replacing them, the paving surface can be additionally treated with “wet effect” paving impregnation.

Tile impregnation has 2 purposes: decorative and operational. If the paving of the paths initially involves the use of a durable covering, it is recommended to additionally treat the paths after the masonry work to increase their strength characteristics. In addition, impregnation changes the shade of paving and gives an unusual design effect.

Since paving slabs are exposed to negative environmental influences and take heavy loads on a daily basis, it is necessary to extend their service life. For this purpose, protective compounds are used, the advantages of which can be attributed:

  • ease of maintenance;
  • sealing of seams;
  • increased roughness, reduced sliding;
  • creating a water- and mud-repellent effect;
  • resistance to chemical agents;
  • protection from atmospheric precipitation and sharp temperature changes.

In addition to the above features, impregnation helps improve the appearance of the coating.

The following problems are solved when using impregnation:

  • Removal of moldiness and mossiness in pavel and joints between the coating and rebound.
  • Reducing the speed at which dirt settles and marks.
  • Fixing problems with moisture accumulation in the joints between the pavel and their subsequent washout.
  • Increasing resistance to chemicals and salt.
  • Reducing the risk of coating failure.
  • Saving financial resources for track repair.

Preventive impregnation of the pavement prevents its rapid abrasion and protects it from minor mechanical damage.

There are various means of protecting pavement stone and pavel:

  • Paving stones and pavel: Cleaning. Removes old impurities such as grease, salt and chemical deposits.
  • Against mildew. They are used to treat pavel joints and joint joints of paths and pavements.
  • Hydrophobisers. They are applied immediately before the road pavement is put into operation.
  • Special means for pavel and paving stone protection – best paver sealer.
  • Tile lacquer “wet effect” gives a rich color to the pavement, emphasizing the texture of the material. Acrylic lacquers on water-based and solvent-based surfaces are considered for surface treatment.
  • Water-based lacquer is more often used for interior finishing, because it is not toxic and has no harmful emissions.

Paving pavel care is just as important as flooring care in the home, as timely treatment of paths solves problems such as:

  • resistance to wear and tear;
  • moisture resistance;
  • aesthetics.

A coating treated with a “wet effect” lacquer will last longer, have an extra matte shine and look wet in dry weather, which will make the design of tracks unusual. In addition, the wet effect pavel will be safer to use thanks to its anti-slip property and will retain the natural shade of the material for longer.

When impregnated, the surface of the pavel is covered with a kind of protective film, so it is recommended to prepare the coating carefully for processing. All works can be divided into several stages:

  • Preparation. The coating is free of debris and dust. If there are old impurities, it is also recommended to remove them with detergents intended for the care of the pavement.
  • Hydrophobic. A hydrophobic composition is applied to the cleaned and fully dried surface, which looks like a transparent water-repellent film. The number of treatments is arbitrary, but before applying subsequent coats, make sure that the previous one is completely dry. Otherwise, the layers will not grip each other.
  • The final one. At this stage, the surface is covered with a finishing layer – decorative, mainly special lacquers. Finishing agents will give the appearance of “wet stone”, which will only strengthen the natural shades, returning the faded colors from time to time.

Both types of surface treatment have their advantages and disadvantage

Hydrophobisator will be an excellent protection for paving coatings, will prevent the destruction of the material from moisture, the negative impact of chemicals and precipitation.

In addition, hydrophobisator can penetrate deep into the pavel, filling pores and forming a kind of waterproofing. However, impregnation will not save from mechanical damage and does not have any decorative properties, as well as will not return the coating of the previous aesthetics.