How to Quickly Defrost Your Freezer

Even if you have an ultramodern unit with the No Frost system, you need to wash it at least once a year.

Of course, modern refrigerators are equipped with a drip defrosting system or No Frost system. And yet, sometimes they need to be turned off, freed from frost or ice and washed.

Drip Defrosting System


It is mainly found in refrigerators of the middle price segment. The “crying wall” is located only in the refrigerator. Freezers must be defrosted manually.


The drip system works on the principle of alternating freezing and thawing. The compressor in such refrigerators turns on and off at regular intervals. When it is active, the temperature in the refrigerator decreases. And the frost is formed on the evaporator located on the rear wall of the unit.


If the thickness of ice on the walls of the freezer has reached 5–7 mm / 0.2 inch, it is time to defrost the refrigerator.


When the compressor shuts off, it becomes warmer, and condensate appears on the surface of the evaporator, which flows through special drains into a sump. Liquid accumulating in this pan gradually evaporates. As a result, there is almost no frost in the refrigerator, and the sidewalls and other surfaces remain dry.

No Frost System


This is a more advanced and expensive system. Both a refrigerator and a freezer compartment can be equipped with it.


There is also a compressor and an evaporator, but cold air is distributed through the chambers by a fan, and the cooling element is located in a special place of the system, where moisture condenses and evaporates.


In fridges with No Frost, frost also forms! But much less. In addition, they need hygienic treatment at least once a year. Indeed, stains and drips from food accumulate on shelves and walls, crumbs are clogged in the micro-slit, etc.

How to defrost a refrigerator


To put things in order in the fridge, the device can simply be turned off. Everything is a little more complicated with the freezer though. It must be emptied, you need to let the ice thaw and melt, and only then it can be washed.


If you are worried about the safety of the products, put them in a plastic bag, tie/zip the top and cover it with ice. That way the food will stay cold longer.


Place containers for collecting meltwater inside the cells or use towels instead.


Remove melted frost with a wooden or plastic spatula. In order not to damage the walls, it is better not to repel all of the ice, but to clean only most of it or its upper layers.

How to speed up defrosting


Method 1. Turn on the fan

Take the fan heater and place it in front of the open freezer. Streams of air will accelerate the melting of ice. You just need to lay the rags correctly and get back to the refrigerator after a while.


Method 2. Put a pot of hot water in the freezer

Fill a small pot or bowl with boiling water and place it in the freezer. If there are several shelves in it, put containers with liquid on each of them. For the best effect, close the door.


After 5 minutes, replace the already cooled water with boiling water. The procedure must be repeated until the freezer is completely thawed.


Food can only be stored in fully dried chambers.


Remembering these simple rules will help you keep your refrigerator clean and working for as long as possible.