Pumpkin and Pork Lasagna

Today I have a new recipe for you lasagna – a delicious dish that you can cook for yourself and save time preparing dinners. It freezes perfectly in portions and then warms up (after pre-freezing in the fridge). In this recipe, I used my favorite seasonal product – pumpkin. Until spring, it will be available in all markets and major stores. So we are not wasting time but preparing lasagna and pumpkin for the next family dinner ;).



The base of the lasagna sheet 16 pcs. mozzarella

Ingredients for 8 servings:

Meat filling bulb average of 1 pcs. garlic 3 pumpkin cloves 400 grams minced pork 800 grams of salt and pepper to taste

Ricotta sauce

butter 60 grams of flour 50 grams of milk 500 grams of ricotta salt 250 grams